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Hi Little Girl,

Remember your little green bowl?  I do!  You would only eat out of that bowl.  Nothing else would do.  I remember the first time I absentmindedly gave you a different bowl.  I never gave you and Eddie meals in the same spot, because you preferred to eat in the bedroom.  Well. I accidentally gave you the wrong bowl and not your treasured green bowl.  I didn't even notice.  You followed me around and meowed a few demanding meows at me.  It dawned on me, finally, that I must have done something wrong.  So, I checked, and, sure enough.....I gave you the wrong bowl!  Silly Mommy I am.  And, to make matters worse, I did it a couple of more times after that.  But, you always let me know.  You funny girl!
Hi Sweetheart.  I was just sitting here and thinking of you, like usual.  I miss how you used to always try to get some of whatever I was eating.  Remember the time when you slurped up a piece of spaghetti from one end to the other?  It was so funny and darling!  My little Eddie Spaghetti with the meatball eyes!  I love you!
Hi Sweetie Pooh,  I love and miss you so much!  I remember everything about you baby.  I loved watching you sleep.  You were so cute and peaceful.  I remember watching you walk all around, with your chubby pooh butt going here and there!  I remember you making me chase you down the stairs when it was time for your insulin.  You would always stop and look back to make sure I was still coming.  I can't wait until we are running around together again.  I miss you Sweetheart.
I remember all the love you gave me.  I remember your beautiful face.  I remember holding you in my arms.  I remember seeing you sleeping on the porch in the sun.  I remember how great life was when I had you.  I will always remember you Eddie. 
Your Mommy
Hey Pooh Bear,  I was thinking of you and remembering how cute you are.  I am looking at your 'baby' right now.  Your striped long sock.  How you love it so.  You would carry it around with you all the time.  Leave it in places as a present for all of us in the house.  How you would howl with it in the middle of the night.  The first time you did it, many years ago, I jumped out of bed to check on you.  I thought something was wrong.  But, no, you were just doing your thing with your baby, attacking it, then cuddling with it.  Even though you woke us up all the time with your baby, I loved it.  I would smile and listen to your song.  Mommy holds your baby now and sleeps with it.  It is so much a part of you.  I love you silly boy.
Hi Little One,  Momma's thinking of you and remembering something funny.  Remember when we lived in that small apartment?
I was just thinking of the time when I bought a pizza and put it on top of the counter.  I left the room for a few minutes and came back to find you eating the pizza!  It was the type of pizza box that wasn't so easy to open, but you did it.  You loved to eat, that's for sure!  You would eat anything.  How I had to keep an eye on you!  You are such a cutie.
Hey Pooh.  I was thinking of the time you protected Sarah from a friend's cat.  You, my gentle boy, who was kind to everyone, got mad.  The other kitty brought into the house wasn't too friendy.  You understood.  But, when she started to attack and scare your Sarah, you wouldn't let it happen.  You immediately came flying in and jumped on the cat and made her run away from Sarah.  You weren't going to let your baby sister get hurt.  It's not the only time you protected her, but it is one of them.  You are such a great Pooh Bear.  
By Mommy
I love you so much Little Pooh Bear!  You have filled my heart with love since the first day I saw you.  Remember Honey?  I walked into that shelter and you were in an awful cage.  All your brothers and sisters were hiding in the back.  But you came proudly walking up to where I was on the other side of the bars and let out a mighty kitten meow!  You reached out for me with one of your little paws and we held hands from then on.  You chose me and I chose you.  Then you had me bring home Sarah, too.  
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