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Life story
January , 2012
January 4, 2012
Hey Eddie Pooh,

I met you one day at the animal shelter.  You were in a cage with your brothers and sisters.  You were the only one to come up and greet me.  You were not scared, you pretty much told me I was to take you home.  So I did.  I never had a kitty before, you were my first, and your sister Sarah.  You had us go back and get her.  That was because you were so cute that we had to get another baby.  

We lived in four different places throughout your life.  You loved every place.  Nothing bothered you.  Your sister had a hard time acclimating to this place, our home now, but not you.  You helped her adjust.  You and Sarah made everywhere I've lived a home.  Without you, it is very empty.  We miss you so much.  

Let's see, when you were a little guy, you were very cute and funny!  You raced around with your sister all over the place.  You also loved to dive bomb her and pretty much get her to run away from you because you were so rough.  I kind of think you needed a brother to play with but you loved your sister just fine.  She just couldn't take your sneak attacks and how strong you were.  You understood.

When you were just seven you got pretty ill.  We found out you had diabetes, a difficult case of it at that.  The first few years were rough as you had alot of hospital trips, had to stay there when you got really ill.  I had to give you insulin twice a day.  Breakfast at 6:30, insulin at 7:00, then the same at night.  You always let me give you the insulin, never put up a fuss.  It was hard to regulate your diabetes.  You were so strong and brave throughout all the ten plus years you had diabetes.
When you had your sick spells, you would come and find me to let me know.  You were so smart.  You knew you needed to go to the doctor's and we went.  You put up with all the glucose curves we did with you at home, everything.  You are such a great boy.

We had so many good times Pooh.  You were such a cuddle.  Mommy would hold you and give you dozens and dozens of kisses and you would let me "smush" you all the time.  I loved to hold you and even it you didn't want to be held you would let me do it.  I think you may have gone to your "happy place" and just waited me out.  I loved it.  Oh, you loved to play, too.  I always called you a bruiser because you were so big and strong, when you play attacked, it could hurt!  You didn't know your own strength!  You would grab me with all your arms and legs and your little mouth and go nuts.  It was so cute.  I just had to be careful of your baby fangs!  You loved to play bite.  

Boy did you love to eat!  You would always sneak and eat your sister's food. You also loved people food.  How you would beg like a puppy and steal food if you could.  You would swat at our plates when we were eating on the couch and look at us with those big puppy dog eyes of yours.  How hard it was not to give you something.  We would, here and there, before your diabetes.  But, then, we couldn't for awhile, until the days came when when you were better, and you got some treats again.   

When you were little I had to baby proof the house and it always had to stay that way because even as you got older you would eat anything--objects, too!  Oh, how I had to watch you little guy.  If someone left a penny on the ground, you would try to eat it.  I have caught you with pens, trying to eat roses on the table, almost anything you saw you would want to put in your mouth.  You were a weird little one, but oh so cute.

You had the cutest meow, all your sounds were adorable, and that howl of yours was funny.  You were so soft and beautiful. Your eyes, Eddie, how gorgeous!  How big and wise!  They said alot, your eyes.  I could even tell when I, or some other poor soul, was going to be the source of your amusement.  What love you showed with your eyes, they said everything.  Your sweet baby eyes. How about your stripes, of black, brown, white, tan, orange, and the tip of gray on your tail.  What a gorgeous baby.  Long, tall, and proud.  Strong and healthy, despite the diabetes.  You were my baby doll.  I love you so.

Sadly, you got real sick and were diagnosed with Cancer.  You had a big surgery and they removed your spleen.  They found your lymphoma had spread.  But, you rallied back from the surgery wonderfully.  You went on the chemo and tolerated it very well.  You went into remission for awhile.  Then, they found you had some kidney disease and I had to give you subcutaneous fluids and potassium gel.  Then, you got really sick and we went to the vets and they tried to save your life but couldn't.  Mommy's world fell apart that day.  You were so brave.  You fought so hard.  It was your time.  I talked to you as you left this world and you looked at me, I know you saw me.  I thanked you for everything you've done for me.  Then I held you even though your spirit had gone on.  I held you and cried.   I had to say goodbye.  My love, my love, how hard I cried.

Eddie, You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.  You gave me 17 years and 3 months of love and happiness and even when life had me down I had the greatest gift of all, you.  You loved life so much, you fought through your illness, didn't let it get you down.  You were so brave and strong and I am so very proud of you.  I always have been.

I miss you Eddie.  I love you.  I can't wait to see you again.  Thankyou, Sweet Eddie.  Thankyou.
January 4, 2012